Park Yoochun sexual assault trial: TV shows refuse to cast tainted actor

'When an actor causes a huge scandal like Park Yoochun, it can hurt the drama'

JYJ's Park Yoochun might not be seen on TV again following his multiple sexual assault trials. Many producers have reportedly refused to cast the 30-year-old after details of his scandalous affairs emerged.

Although the final verdict on Yoochun's case is still pending , the makers of the drama series are keeping a marginal distance from the singer and his agency.

On June 17 Korean media outlet TV Report carried a Q&A where multiple producers were asked about Yoochun's comeback on TV. However, all of the answers pointed towards a big No.

"Even if these cases turn out to be false, there still won't be anybody willing to cast someone who's fans have turned their backs on him," said one anonymous producer.

Another producer stated that an actor with a stigmatized image can make the drama look bad. "There's no point in using an actor with a tarnished image."

"When an actor causes a huge scandal like Park Yoochun, it can hurt the drama, leaving no method of recourse," the producer told the news outlet.

As per reports, the image of the former TVXQ member suffered not only due to his sexual assault trials but also in view of his agency's alleged undercover gang activities. The report quoted a producer stating that the relation between the singer and gang is quite shocking.

"The connection between entertainment agencies and gangsters have long been rumors, but the article that revealed the true of this came as a big shock. I don't think things will end with the Park Yoochun case, " he added.

Meanwhile, in a recent update in Yoochun's sexual assault case, reports have claimed that the singer was not in Korea on the dates given by the third and the fourth victim in the sexual assault case.