Park Shin Hye treats 'Romantic Doctor' crew as SBS medical drama ends with high ratings

The cast and crew of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim will go to Cebu, Philippines, to celebrate the success

Park Shin Hye Kim Rae Won
Park Shin Hye has opened up about her co-star Kim Rae Won Facebook/parkshinhyefan

Park Shin Hye gave a treat to the cast and crew of "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" for their support even as the SBS medical series capped its 20-episode run with high TV ratings. According to reports, the South Korea actress sent a cart full of snacks to the support staff of the SBS drama. It was quite a pleasant gift for the members as they were busy at work in the drama's filming location.

Park Shin Hye also starred in another medical series "Doctors" in 2016. The SBS series "Doctors" also became one of the hit series last year. According to Soompi, Park Shin Hye, in a special message posted on the snack cart, mentioned the cast and crew of both the medical dramas. She congratulated the "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" cast and crew for doing a wonderful job.

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok took to Instagram to post the picture of Park Shin Hye's snack treat and appreciated the gesture of this actress.

In other news, according to Nielsen Korea, as cited by OSEN, the medical series "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" crossed the 30 percent mark in the TV ratings. The finale of the popular series posted viewership ratings of 27.6 percent across the nation in South Korea.

Many critics say that the drama's milestone is quite impressive compared with the low viewership shares of the many other weekday dramas. According to a source from the SBS drama told Korean newsoutlet OSEN, as cited by Soompi, The cast and crew members of the drama are slated to go to Cebu, Philippines to celebrate the success of the drama on January 20. Reportedly, for four days and three nights they will be staying in the Queen City of the South

"Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" aired its final episode on January 16, Monday, and a special episode on January 17, Tuesday, on SBS.

This article was first published on January 19, 2017