Park Joon Hyung discusses racism in Korea by supporting hijab-wearing Uzbekistan-Korean woman

Park Joon Hyung talked about racism during an episode of KBS' Hello.

Park Joon Hyung
Park Joon Hyung has shared his thoughts on racism in Korea Reuters

Korean-American singer/actor Park Joon Hyung has expressed his concern over discrimination of Muslims in the country. Although the religion is very big worldwide, the number of Muslims in Korea are less.

During an episode of KBS' Hello, an Uzbekistan woman talked about the racism she faces daily. During the show, she revealed that she came to Korea after she got married to a Korean man.

Being a minority religion in Korea, it was tough adjusting to the new place. She was accused of being a terrorist at a library and another time, was scolded for wearing a hijab. She revealed that a stranger shouted at her, saying : "What are you wearing on your head?"

The leader of K-pop group g.o.d, who was raised in California, shared his own experience. Joon Hyung shared: "When I grew up in the States, I was often discriminated against. Many convenience stores were owned by Koreans. Once I went in to buy a soda, and the store owner told me to just look from the counter; she was worried that I would steal."

He said: "Think about how you want to be treated when you go to other countries. You reap what you sow."