Park Eun Seok Explains Alex's Role in 'The Penthouse 3'; Apologizes For Causing Offense

Logan Lee is one of the popular characters in the successful SBS drama series The Penthouse. Thus making use of his popularity, Park Eun Seok [who plays Logan in the drama] was offered an additional role in The Penthouse 3. But as against expectations, the new role of Alex has put Park Eun Seok in a tight spot. Here is how Park Eun Seok took the onus of clearing air by apologizing to the international fans who were offended by Alex's portrayal.

In the drama, Alex appeared as Logan Lee's brother and could be seen dressed like an African – American. This was considered as cultural appropriation. The term can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from minority cultures. Thus being a minority, Park Eun Seok's portrayal of Alex as an African American was taken as a mockery of a culture.

Park Eun Seok
Park Eun Seok portraying the character of Alex in the drama The Penthouse 3. Instagram

Cultural Appropriation

Reacting to the same, Park Eun Seok took to TikTok account to apologize and state his point of view regarding the issue. "Regarding Alex, my character in the drama The Penthouse, I'd like to let everyone know that none of the appearances that were driven by the character were falsely intentional to harm, mock, disrespect, or discourage the African-American community. I'd like to apologize to the people who took offense by the character's appearance. It was more admiration of the culture than mockery, but now I'm aware that the approach was more CA [cultural appropriation]. It was a wrong attempt for character development," the actor said.

"I as a minority myself should've known better. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow in awareness. I hope you have the sincerity in your hearts to give the benefit of the doubt, that Alex's appearance was rather a character approach who admired the culture and wanted to "be" like, not intentionally portraying mockery," Park Eun Seok said in his apology post.

The Penthouse 3 premiered on June 4 and will be aired till August 20, 2021. Is Logan really dead and will Alex get his revenge, will be the two major questions answered in the third episode of The Penthouse 3.

Watch this clip to see and decide if Alex's character really mocked the African-American culture.

The Penthouse is a Korean drama series starring Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, Eugene, Um Ki Joon, Yoon Jong Hoon, and Park Eun Seok in lead roles. The series is directed by Joo Dong Min and written by Kim Soon Ok. The drama is about revenge of the female characters who use evil ways to save themselves and their children.