Park Bo Mi and Park Hyung Sik reveal why they are deeply grateful to Park Bo Young

Both actors thanked Park Bo-young for helping them act better.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon cast
From left, actress Park Bo-mi, Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik. Drama

'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' continues to remain popular even after the drama ended on April 15. Various interesting titbits of information are coming out regarding the production, straight from the actors themselves. Now actress Park Bo-mi has spoken about how much of a great help Park Bo-young was to her during filming of the JTBC drama.

Website Soompi notes that during April 17, Park Bo-mi appeared for an interview where she revealed how much indebted she was to Park Bo-young to be able to successfully conclude shooting her role in the drama.

"Park Bo Young gave me so much strength. If it wasn't for her, it would've been really hard for me. She consistently helped me with my acting even though she was probably exhausted from filming all her scenes. There was one scene where I had to cry, but the tears just wouldn't come out. Park Bo Young then came over and gave me a hug, and I started bawling. She somehow has the ability to bring out my emotions," she said.

Park Bo-mi revealed that she was only used to performing in musicals and plays as this was her very first drama and Park Bo-young helped her out immensely. "I was only used to acting in musicals and plays, so I had no idea where to look when I was in front of a camera. Whenever I had a hard time, Park Bo-young went over to a spot and just stood there so I could look at her while acting. I thanked her every single day. In one of the later episodes, there was a scene where my character thanked Do Bong Soon, and I was seriously about to cry because I was so grateful," she recalled.

Park Bo-mi added that she considers Bo-young as a great friend in addition to being an amazing actress who never revealed her tiredness. It is strange that an actress who is so inspiring to others, is herself often depressed about her performance, especially negative comments by others. In a recent interview with Sports Seoul, translated by Koreaboo, she said she thinks her popularity is on a decline, even after the record-breaking success of 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.'

"One production I was really grateful for was Speedy Scandal, and there I met Cha Tae Hyun. I was really lucky to have met him. The movie did better than expected, but Cha Tae Hyun made sure to tell me this. 'Throughout your life, you won't work on another production with over 8.3 million viewers. If you try and overcome that, you'll become distressed. From now on, we shouldn't think about how to go higher from here, but rather how to slowly descend.' I learned that my popularity will always descend after Speedy Scandal, and I'm looking for ways to slow down that descent," she said, as quoted by Koreaboo.

In related news, Park Hyung-sik also revealed in a recent interview, as noted by Soompi that acting saved him from an insecure moment in his life and that he found himself again through performing in two consecutive dramas. "When I was living an almost mechanical lifestyle as an idol, I was constantly wrapped up in thoughts about who I was. That's when I entered a phase in which I was trying to discover myself. Because I was able to get past that difficult phase, I now realize how important it is to protect myself and my identity. I think that I've now entered a phase of stability in my life and am not as concerned by it anymore," he said.

Like Park Bo-mi, he also credited experienced actress Park Bo-young in helping him overcome his anxieties. "Even at the script reading, Park Bo Young was a powerful presence, especially since she has worked with very experienced and impressive actors like Jo Jung Suk. Park Bo Young was like a teacher to me. Personally, we were good friends but, at the same time, I admired her acting and learned a lot from her."

He added: "I've never seen a person as lovable as Park Bo Young. Each person has their own unique air or aura and I can only describe Park Bo Young's aura as just hearts. The moment she stepped foot on set, everyone just fell in love with her and that's one of her greatest charms."

In 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' Ahn Min-hyuk and Do Bong-soon get married and live happily as a family. As regards his own prospects of marriage, Hyung-sik said, "If I met someone I really loved, like Ahn Min Hyuk did, I would want to get married. It doesn't matter when that person appears, as long as they do."

Park Bo-young also expressed adoration for Hyung-sik recently, complimenting his enthusiasm on set and the fact that they talked a lot. It seems both actors are really very good friends and this honesty showed up on screen and translated to really good chemistry between the lead pair. It certainly made many fans, including the production staff of the drama think that they were dating in real life even though they weren't.

This article was first published on April 22, 2017