Park Bo Young is too obsessed with negative and hurtful comments

Actress says she finds it painful to come to terms with people pointing out flaws in her acting.

Park Bo-young
Park Bo-young in an official still from JTBC's 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.' Drama

Park Bo Young's character in JTBC's recently concluded hit drama, 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' was portrayed as a woman with superhuman strength but who is actually a very sensitive person inside. It seems that actress Park Bo-young, who played the role of Do Bong-soon is also a deeply sensitive person and gets affected by negative comments.

During an April 19 interview, as noted by website Soompi, Park Bo-young said that negative and malicious comments affect her a lot. "I do get hurt by them, but I learn about things I do that people don't like to see. I think about whether my voice is too whiny or if any of my actions make them uncomfortable. When they tell me I always look the same when I cry, I think of ways to cry differently," she said.

Bo-young says that it's not easy to take everything in a positive light. She added: "When people compliment me, I don't put much meaning into them, but when they say bad things, I take them too seriously. I try to fix this mentality but it's hard. Personally, I think getting obsessed with yourself is the most dangerous thing. Since I'm a human being, I only want to hear nice things, but I feel like I would just end up believing them and getting obsessed with myself. I don't want this to happen."

Her words echo a fundamental problem with human beings, many of whom are so concerned with themselves and their image that they are unable to come to terms with their faults, especially when pointed out by others. The issue might be more about lack of confidence than anything. A person, who is very sure about his/her identity, will rarely bother about others' perception about themselves.

"Whenever people say nice things to me, I think they're just saying them because I'm standing right in front of them. Even when I read articles that say good things about me, I forget about them right away. When I read about people pointing out my flaws, however, I think about them a lot," she confessed.

In related news, Park Bo-young recently clarified that though many think she and 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' co-star Park Hyung-sik are in love, they are just good friends who enjoy each other's company. The JTBC drama ended successfully on April 15 with over 8.9 percent in ratings, in South Korea. JTBC's upcoming drama 'Man to Man' will be taking its place from April 21.

This article was first published on April 20, 2017