Park Bo Gum May Make his Highly-Anticipated Musical Debut This September

Park Bo Gum might make his highly-anticipated musical debut this September with the upcoming musical Let Me Fly. An industry representative reported that the actor would star in the musical, and details are being coordinated.

In response to the report, a representative from the actor's agency, THEBLACKLABEL, said Park Bo Gum is positively in talks to star in the upcoming musical Let Me Fly. However, a source from the distribution and investment company of the musical said nothing has been confirmed about the casting.

Bo Gum is a graduate in the musical performance major of the Movie & Musical department in Myongji University. He was the music director of the 2017 musical Hairspray. His fans from various parts of the world are looking forward to his highly-anticipated musical debut.

Park Bo Gum
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So happy for this news! Hope he is confirming soon. Musical actor bogummy, lets go!

2023 is indeed a year of beautiful challenges

OMG, 보검아!!! Musical Let Me Fly. This September

Park BoGum attended Let Me Fly Musical last year

Congratulations @BOGUMMY. Dream does come true So happy for youCan't wait to see you singing and dancing on the big stage

Let Me Fly revolves around the life of a man named Nam Won. He travels from 1969 to the year 2020 and struggles to return. He tries to be back in the past with his lover Jung Boon. The musical is scheduled to perform 100 times between September 26 to December 10 at the YES24 Stage in Seoul. The cast will then travel to Busan to greet their fans.