Palestine: West Bank residents say Israel airdropping poison boxes to kill them
A general view picture shows home in the Israeli outpost of Palgey Maim, in the occupied West Bank February 6, 2017. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Mysterious packages that resemble chocolate boxes but contain toxic material inside have baffled residents in West Bank, with some regional council leaders saying Israel is airdropping the boxes to kill them.

The discovery of toxic packages led to mosques in the region declaring emergency. Mosque officials used loudspeakers to alert the local schools and the residents about the suspicious package.

Meanwhile the Palestinian-Israeli Security Affairs Liaison Office tried to allay the fears of the Palestinians saying the poison boxes were dropped by the Israelis to bait wild pigs and foxes but the Palestinians refused to accept the Israeli motive.

Raed Al Najar, the head of Boreen Village Council, said Israelis are known to release wild pigs to cause serious harm to villagers. So there is no logic in their saying that they are trying to kill the pigs.

"This is a clear indication that the Israeli occupation forces purposely intend to kill Palestinians," Najar said, according to Gulf News.

"If the Israelis had good faith and intentions, they would have informed the Palestinians about the plans to take precautionary measures and would not have dropped those poisonous materials within the residential areas exposing the public's safety to serious hazards," he added.

Meanwhile, initial investigations carried out by the Palestinian Agricultural Ministry showed that the packages contained the dangerous and poisonous material. "Villagers are deeply sceptical about the Israeli moves. We never trust the Israeli occupation and deal with it with maximum care and attention," Tal'at Ziyadah, who heads the Madama Village Council, told Gulf News.

Ziyadah said the Palestinian National Authority should take measures to protect the people and even carry out strikes against Israelis.