Islamic State chops off hands of children in Mosul for refusing to join Daesh militia

The children were punished in front of their families after they refused to participate in military training.

Black skies of Mosul captured through lens (PHOTOS)
A newly displaced woman runs after she jumped over a back wall and rushed to grab humanitarian packages, as smoke rises from a burning oil refinery at a processing centre in Qayyara. Reuters

Dreaded Islamic State militants who have dug heels in a last ditch battle for survival in their Iraqi and Syrian strongholds are nonetheless engaged in bloodcurdling cruelties.

According to a report in Basnews, the Daesh militants cut off the hands of two children after they defied an order of the terror outfit. The incident happened in western Mosul. The children were punished in front of their families after they refused to participate in military training, the news website said citing Arabic language media reports.

The Isis militants, who have received heavy casualties in military offensives by Syria and Iraq with the backing of US and Russia, have been trying to rope in more children into their armed forces. The reports said the children, whose age was not revealed, refused to enlist in the Daesh army under threat.

Isis is losing territory consistently in Mosul since the Iraqi troops regained momentum in October last year.

Meanwhile, Iran's Fars News said in separate report the Sunni Islamic terror group executed 600 civilians in Mosul since in the last three months.

"ISIL has resorted to retaliatory executions on charges of espionage and cooperation with the security forces against former security members and individuals who joined the tribal groups, as a revenge for the defeats suffered by the terror group in the liberation battles", a member of Iraq's Nineveh provincial council told Badr News.

"The existence of 750 thousand families in the right coast of Mosul who suffer injustices and harsh practices by the terrorists, considering ISIL revenge on civilians as an evidence of refraction in the terrorist organization, and the near end of its domination in Nineveh," Hossam al-Abbar added, Fars News reported.