Paid iOS apps you can download now for free

Here are the best iOS apps you can get now for free.

vox music player
Download Vox music player on the App Store. Vox

Apple releases a new batch of paid-for apps on the App Store that you can download now for free. These are not just your average tools. We've compiled the best iOS apps that you can get for free at the moment. Check out the list below:


iDisplay works as an extension of a Mac or Windows computer on your iPad or iPhone. You can always navigate desktop apps—Word, Excel, Lightroom, etc.—on your mobile device through a Lightning, 30-pin cable connection, or Wi-Fi with almost 0 latency--that's faster than you thought.

An app designed for multitaskers, iDisplay gives you an alternative control of your desktop workflow. It can pan and zoom, alter screen orientation, move objects, manage playback, sketch, and write—pretty much everything you want to do. Not to mention, this app works with up to 60 frames per second for your video editing work. Download iDisplay here.

Nacho Mail

Not your ordinary email manager, Nacho Mail orchestrates all your emails, calendar, and contacts in one place. It is ideal for working individuals who want an app that can take full control of all necessary actions once an email is received. Some of the compatible platforms it can work with are Gmail, Google Apps for Business, Exchange Active Sync, Amazon for Work, and all IMAP email services. Download Nacho Mail here.


The App Store's iOS free app of the day, Vox is a music player that allows you to listen to all of your favourite music on Spotify, SoundCloud, and personal music library in a premium quality. Its cloud storage may be unlimited, you can rest assured that the app does not compress your music.

You can also stream and cache your music library between Mac and iPhone. Vox is the number 1 paid app on the App Store in 2016. On a regular day, you can get this app for US$15.99 for a month of subscription and US$129.99 for a year, so give it a go now while it's still free. Download Vox here.

This article was first published on July 21, 2017