Download these iOS apps now while they're still free

From a music player to a photo editing app, download these apps while they are still free.

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New iOS apps are up on the sale rack today. From a music player to a photo editing app, download these apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch now while they are still free.


Equalize+ is so popular that fake versions of the app have been around the iOS system. This app is a music player, which allows you increase the volume more than the iPhone and iPad can. If you are worried about its effect on the sound quality, not a problem because it does control it accordingly to make the music still good to your ears. With the new update, Equalizer+ lets you customise music tracks from your Sound Cloud and Spotify accounts on top of your device's music library. Download Equalizer+ here.


Mnemosyne is designed for those who want to sharpen their memory. As personal memory trainer app, it teaches iOS users a thing or two to brush up their short-term memory dilemma. Mnemosyne helps you how to learn to make use of the ropes of mind palaces and extreme imagery to memorize an entire deck of cards in a single pass. With daily practice, you shall perfect your memory skill. Download Mnemosyne here.


Are you a fitness buff? Then Mango should come handy for you. This app helps users monitor their daily calorie intake. If used with your daily physical activity, this becomes a good instrument for those who are trying to lose weight. Download Mango here.


Photo editing apps optimised for Instagram are everywhere. What most of these do is take a photo, edit it, and share it. But with Aura, users have a tonne of customization options to work with. High-quality filters make your photos even more stunning. Use effects for a more playful image. Add captions or text to express your feelings. Don't forget to use cool borders and frames. Best of all, all these come for free. Download Aura here.

This article was first published on July 15, 2017