Over 1,700 medical staff affected by Coronavirus in China; poses new crisis for the government

Over 1,700 front line medical staff have been infected by Coronavirus and are unable to discharge their duties

Medical staff who were on the front lines combating Coronavirus in Wuhan have been affected by the deadly virus and over 1,700 staffers have been quarantined at home for weeks. Ning Zhu, a nurse from Wuhan, spoke to CNN about the issue and confirmed that thousands of staffers have been affected and unable to go to the hospitals to carry on their duties.

"Right now, it's really a problem. Our hospital already has more than 100 people who are quarantined at home and additional 30 medical workers have been confirmed to have the virus,'' said Ning Zhu on phone to CNN.

She stated that she's doing fine but has a slight infection after her chest x-ray was taken. "If the tests are fine, we can go back to work. I actually don't have any symptoms, there's just a slight problem with my CT scan, it seems there's a bit of infection," she said.

A quarter of medical staff have been affected at her hospital

Wuhan Coronavirus
Twitter / Tsinghua University

Ning Zhu was quarantined at home and shifted to the hospital just a few days ago and is now under medical treatment. She revealed she wants to get out of bed and attend to Coronavirus affected victims and is waiting for the governments nod to go ahead in carrying her duties effectively.

She estimates that about 130 medical staff from a total of 500 employees have been infected at the hospital where she works and are unable to perform their duties and are quarantined either at home or at the hospital. However, she declined to reveal the name of her hospital and asked the reporter to use a pseudonym name as she was not authorized to speak to the media and could get arrested if her information is leaked to the Chinese government.

The hospital floor I live in is filled with my colleagues

She also stated that the hospital floor where she's kept is filled with her colleagues and medics come to check on their health status on a regular basis. She, however, stated that she holds her breath while being attended by the staff in the hopes that they don't catch the infection.

"The (in-patient) floor I live on is basically filled with colleagues from my hospital. These are mostly double or triple rooms, with my colleagues' names and bed numbers clearly written in black and white on the doors. "I'm afraid the virus inside my body will come out and infect these colleagues who are still standing fast on the front line,'' she summed it up.

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