Coronavirus will be dead and gone in six months as it can't survive peak summer, predicts expert

Wuhan Coronavirus
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John Nicholls, a Pathology professor at the University of Hong Kong, says he certainly knows when Coronavirus will become inactive and burn itself out causing relief to people around the world. CLSA, a brokerage firm based in Hong Kong, held a private conference call with the professor and an investment analyst asked him the million-dollar question, 'When will Coronavirus end?' and his answer gave everyone hope for the future.

The transcript of the call, which was released by the Financial Times, shows John Nicholls claiming that Coronavirus will come to a halt during the summer as the virus can't stand the heat and will eventually burn itself out. "Three things the virus does not like: 1. Sunlight, 2. Temperature, and 3. Humidity,'' he said during the call.

Wuhan Coronavirus
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Coronavirus can't sustain itself during peak summer

Professor John Nicholls predicted that Coronavirus can't sustain and breed during peak summer and almost half of the virus will be dead and the rest will eventually die by time as they get weaker and weaker to the sunlight. "Sunlight will cut the virus' ability to grow in half so the half-life will be 2.5 minutes and in the dark it's about 13 to 20 [minutes]. Sunlight is really good at killing viruses."

"The virus can remain intact at 4 degrees (39 degrees Fahrenheit) or 10 degrees (50 F) for a longer period of time. But at 30 degrees (86 degrees F) then you get inactivation. And high humidity -- the virus doesn't like it either.'' When asked for a specific time to the end of Coronavirus, Nicholls said, "I think it will burn itself out in about six months.''

"The environment is a crucial factor. The environment will be unfavorable for growth around May. The evidence is to look at the common cold -- it's always during winter. So the natural environment will not be favorable in Asia in about May," he summed it up.

Coronavirus, a worldwide menace

Coronavirus has spread across the world and the death toll is only increasing by the day. The virus has spread to 28 countries across four continents and flights to and from China have been barred and approved visas for Chinese nationals have been cancelled.

The Chinese government has locked down Wuhan province and President Xi Jinping confirmed that his administration will do everything it takes to provide better health care and medical facilities to those who are affected. Precautionary measures such as providing face masks among other things are taken care of by the government.

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