Outlander Season 3 Spoilers: Jamie and Claire to make their way back to each other ?

The spoilers suggest that it will be a heartbreaking season

Since the first trailer of Outlander Season 3 has been released, fans are eager to know how things will turn out in the upcoming season. The spoilers suggest that it will be a heartbreaking season.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Outlander will pick up right from where it left off. Jamie will be seen fighting against his bitter enemy Black Jack Randall. Though, Jamie will survive it will be heart-wrenching for the fans to see all his men on that battlefield.

Inquisitr mentioned, Jamie and Claire will be living two different time periods in the upcoming season. Jamie will be forced to leave Scotland and Claire will be back in the 20th century with her first husband, Frank Randall. They'll both be away from each other and will have to learn to live without one another.

Frank and Claire have been apart from each other for years, and now that they are together, Frank who not only told Claire that he would stay with her but also said that he will raise Jamie's child as his own. However, he had only one condition - he asked Claire to promise to forget about her old life with Jamie, and that she would not try to find out what happened to him in the past. Claire sadly agrees to the condition.

Claire would however never be able to forget Jamie and this would make things worse between Claire and Frank. Spoilers from the book suggest that Frank will have a tragic death in a car accident.

Meanwhile, viewers will also be shown what Jamie is up to after bidding goodbye to the love of his life.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jamie and Claire will be making their way back to each other eventually.

Outlander Season 3 is all set to premiere on Starz in September.