Orange Is the New Black was supposed to release its fifth season not until early July but this weekend the first 10 episodes have leaked on the internet. Moreover, they reveal what happens next in the drama and whether Daya will shoot the guard she's holding at gunpoint.

According to Gizmodo, "A hacker group(TheDarkOverlord) has claimed responsibility and they say it only occurred because Netflix refused to pay a ransom. The group also claims to have more shows from other networks."

According to the reports, "Speaking with TorrentFreak, the hacking group claims that a post-production company engaged in negotiations to prevent the release of one of its most high-profile shows months ahead of schedule. Payment never materialized and the group made good on its threats."

Well, since the first 10 episodes are already out, fans started sharing the spoilers. On the Orange Is the New Black site on Reddit as cited by inquisitr, discussion threads about the 10 leaked episodes have already started.

The previous season of the drama ended with a riot post death of Poussey and Daya with prison guard Humphrey's gun in hands. She placed the gun to his head and the sound of a gunshot was heard.


In season 5, the first scene revealed that Daya shot it into the prison wall as to quiet the rowdy prisoners around her. Humphrey tries to plead her by telling a story in Spanish describing how he collected frogs when he was a child to which Daya pulls the trigger and shoot Humphrey in the leg, yelling, "I don't f***ing speak Spanish." Prisoners were to decide whether Humphrey should be killed or not but they, at last, chose to keep him alive.

As all the episodes are not released yet, fans who love binge-watching the shows will face difficulty while watching the series. Also, a moderator of Reddit's Orange Is the New Black site noted that the leaked episodes lack the production quality of the finished Netflix shows.

According to inquisitr, a fan warned, "Wait for the official release."

The fan added, "The post-production audio is not complete. Visually, it appears to be color corrected and complete. Seriously, I know some of you will want to find it, but it's not the product the team wants to release."