OnlyFans: Banker Who Quit Job To Earn Millions on X-rated Site Says Covid-19 Helped End Sex Work Stigma

A woman who quit her bank job to become an OnlyFans star has said that Covid-19 pandemic has helped sex work stigma with the rise of living virtually. The woman who goes by Lucy Banks, is raking in a staggering $40,736 by creating X-rated content on the subscription-based platform, launched in 2016 by entrepreneur Timothy Stokely.

Banks quit her job in 2019 and since then she has been making enough money to live a lavish life. Banks believes that the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns and isolation amid pandemic has helped to shift old attitudes towards sex work as many people have been craving intimacy.

"The pandemic has ushered in a virtual world that more of us are living in every day, whether out of necessity, entertainment, or the thrill of meeting new people and creating an exciting online experience," the OnlyFans star said, according to the Daily Star.

Lucy Banks
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"The stigma around this type of work has persisted for years, but the rise of creators and the mainstream appeal of social networking fan sites that highlight sexual content have exploded, thanks to lockdowns and people's cravings for connection and intimacy," she said adding, "Now that Pandora's box has been opened, good luck getting outdated notions of sex work back in that box."

Who is Lucy Banks?

Lucy Banks is an Australian adult star who earns around $60,000 per month by uploading X-rated photos and hot videos on OnlyFans. She is a single mother, who joined the NFSW site at the age of 29 after she discovered some of her school friends creating content on the platform only to make her ends meet. The mother of two was going through depression after her father passed away. Reportedly, on the day of Banks' father's funeral, she received a call from her workplace and that's when she realised she had to quit.

Lucy Banks
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Speaking of how she came to exist on the X-rated OnlyFans platform, Banks had said, "That is the moment I realised how undervalued I was ... I took just one day off for his funeral." So, she handed in her notice the next time she headed to the office.

Banks now has over 3,500 subscribers, and she comfortably ends each working day making $1,765.45.