OnePlus will slow down charging according to your sleeping pattern for improving battery health

OnePlus has rolled out a new "Optimized Charging" feature that charges your device based on your sleeping habits so that your device reaches 100% just as you're about to wake up

After unveiling the OnePlus Concept One with disappearing cameras at CES 2020, OnePlus has some new tech coming your way. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer announced a new feature coming soon to its smartphones called "Optimized Charging" to improve the health of your device's battery.

What is 'Optimized Charging'?

Most smartphones these days come with fast-charging tech but despite the technological advances in that area, the hard truth is that batteries themselves have remained the same over the years. While fast charging allows users to charge their devices within minutes, it usually comes at the expense of battery health.

OnePlus 6T in all-new gradient finishOnePlus China
OnePlus China

The feature might seem slightly unnecessary given that most people don't charge their phones overnight thanks to fast charging. However, some people still do, and keeping it plugged in, especially after reaching 100 percent, can lead to faster degradation of the battery cells. This is why OnePlus is rolling out the "Optimized Charging" feature, which essentially reverses the fast charging process to improve the life of your phone's battery, as reported by XDA Developers.

How does it work?

With the new "Optimized Charging" feature, fast charging via OnePlus' Dash charger at night, the charging process will stop at 80 percent and then slow down until it reaches 100 percent. What makes this feature interesting is that it calculates the time and voltage required to ensure that it reaches full charge just when the user is about to wake up from his or her slumber and avoid overcharging for a longer duration.

The feature will determine the users' sleeping pattern from their alarm clock or their first event of the day and if neither of those has been set, it will take into account the time they wake up daily, which the feature learns over time.

In case you want to immediately charge your device to 100 percent, users are free to disable the feature by tapping the notification. The feature is currently only available on OnePlus 7 devices using a beta version of OxygenOS and it remains to be known whether it will make its way to older models as well.