OnePlus Concept One first look reveals disappearing rear cameras

The smartphone that will be unveiled at CES 2020 will come with a special type of color shifting glass that makes it look as if the cameras disappear under the back glass

OnePlus recently teased a very mysterious smartphone called OnePlus Concept One, which the company will announce at the upcoming CES 2020. However, except for revealing that the phone could come with a futuristic 'alternate design' the company didn't disclose any features, design or specification details. But now, the Chinese company has once again teased the Concept One, this time around shedding light on what could be the main highlight of the phone – disappearing rear cameras.

OnePlus tweeted a teaser video of its new technology in action ahead of the Concept One unveiling in Las Vegas on January 7.

OnePlus Concept One rear camera's disappearing act

The video shows what is said to be a first of its kind invisible camera setup that magically disappears under the flush back glass. This does sound a bit unrealistic, but it's possible via the use of a special type of "colour shifting" glass that makes it look as if the cameras are invisible, giving the phone a stealthy look.

Smartphone isn't going to be a foldable smartphone


However, to our disappointment, the Concept One doesn't appear to be a foldable smartphone as some observers were expecting it to be. The 'colour-shifting glass' as OnePlus puts it, will be a very good option for smartphone makers in the future, and we might see it on a lot of phones going further into the year.

Cameras will appear when the camera app is opened

According to Wired, which has published a detailed report on the "technology" that OnePlus could have used, the Concept One uses something known as electrochromic glass. This is an electronically tinted glass that adds a layer of tint thus making it seem like there's nothing underneath the glass.

The report suggests that the cameras on the Concept one will be hidden underneath the dark glass on the phone's back most of the times, but when the cameras are being used, the tint of the glass can be adjusted via an electrical signal, thereby making the camera glass clear for capturing photos. This means that the cameras will be visible when you open the camera app to take photos. The same tiny adjustment technology is used in the sunroofs of high-end cars and aeroplane windows to create a disappearing effect.

Future smartphones could use the technology

The technology does seem very fascinating indeed but the Wired didn't seem all that impressed by it, describing it as "a little anticlimactic." However, the 'colour-shifting glass' as OnePlus puts it, might turn out to be a very good option for smartphone makers in the future, and we might see it on a lot of phones going further into the year.

No plans of mass-producing Concept One

OnePlus currently has no plans to put the Concept One into production and the phone is solely intended to be a concept showcasing what we can expect from the company's smartphones in the future.