OnePlus co-founder explains why OnePlus 3 can't take advantage of its massive 6GB RAM

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei explains the reasons for limiting the OnePlus 3's RAM capabilities with multitasking jobs.

OnePlus 3 has often been touted as the flagship killer that is tailor-made for multi-tasking fanatics. Quite disappointingly, it is now evident that the flagship phone cannot handle more than 3 to 4 applications (apps) at a time.

Until now, the OnePlus community had no clue about why the latest OnePlus smartphone had such a limitation with its multitasking capabilities. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has finally cleared the ambiguity in his recent Twitter responses to fans, reports Android Authority.

The company has limited the RAM's potential in favour of longer battery life especially given the modest battery capacity of 3,000mAh under its hood. OnePlus justifies its decision to incorporate this limitation of RAM on the OnePlus 3 as it believes in offering the best user experience to its customers.

Power hungry users can, however, take advantage of the massive 6GB RAM onboard using some tweaks integrated to third-party custom ROMs. Consequently, OnePlus has promised to extend support for these custom ROMs by providing open access to original and updated kernel files to third-party ROM developers.

Although majority of the users could feel a bit uncomfortable with replacing stock ROMs with third-party custom ROMs, it will be worth the risk as users can get an improved multitasking experience with updated kernels in custom ROM.