OnePlus 5 cannot get through 911 due to compatibility issues

OnePlus 5 users took to Reddit to look for solution as the flagship smartphone reboots automatically when calling 911

Newly-released smartphone OnePlus 5 is in the cross hairs following a good number of users complaining about technical glitches they faced in the past few days. One notable problem being reported is the automatic reboot of OnePlus 5 when calling emergency hotline 911 in the US.

OnePlus 5 users took to Reddit to lodge the glitch of the flagship smartphone, hoping to find a workaround for the problem. Device owners in the US reported that they cannot go through after dialing 911. Instead, the phone reboots itself. A similar condition has also been reported by OnePlus 5 users in the UK after dialing their emergency hotline 999.

A OnePlus representative responded to the thread, saying they are "currently looking into the issue" and encouraging device owners to contact the customer support to report if they face similar problem. While the Chinese phone maker has not provided the solution so far, one user gave his two cents, citing his post from

According to the user, the persisting problem "is due to an incompatibility with the dialer's framework and the dialer APK." The stock dialer's APK, usually in JAR and ZIP format, removed the necessary framework, using a pre-installed framework on the phone instead. To solve the issue, users have to either update the framework files or go back to the stock dialer. If the device is using a stock dialer already, one might consider flashing open GApps. However, this method has not been verified so far.

It is important to note that the 911 reboot problem in OnePlus 5 devices is not existing in all units in the UK and some were able to call 999 and talk to an officer on the other line. Additionally, there have been no reported complaints of OnePlus 5 users coming from Canada.

Apart from the reboot glitch, other reported OnePlus 5 issues involve audio recordings, scrolling, and benchmarking.