OnePlus 3T coming to India in December

Following the US launch, OnePlus 3T gets a release date for India.

OnePlus 3T coming to India in December
OnePlus 3T coming to India in December OnePlus

OnePlus has announced the India launch of its newest smartphone, OnePlus 3T, in a recent video posted on its official Facebook page. According to the video announcement, the smartphone is expected to land in the sub-continent on 2 December.

Vikas Agarwal, the OnePlus General Manager for India can be seen bungee jumping off the country's highest jumping point in the same announcement video posted on Facebook.

"The OnePlus 3T is all about extreme power," said Agarwal in the video. "And we have chosen the extreme sport of bungee jumping to announce the launch date."

With the 3T having been launched in the US on 22 November, the highly-anticipated India launch date for the device gets precedence. One glance on the banner image at the end of the video clip reveals the 3T launch date for India.

Although the smartphone has its US price set for $439, there is still no word on the India launch price for the device.

Meanwhile, various reports claim that the OnePlus 3T comes with an impressive battery life, thanks to its DASH charging functionality. The device has been praised by leading tech portals for its enhanced front-facing camera.

Watch Vikas bungee jump from the highest point in India to reveal the launch date for OnePlus 3T in the video posted below:

[Source: OnePlus India via Facebook]