Olena Siumak Brings Cleaner Air to Facilities Across the United States

Olena Siumak

After graduating with degrees in business and international economics, Olena Siumak's professional career took her in an entrepreneurial direction. She found that her ability to connect with people including customers, suppliers, and other business owners was her superpower. The path in front of her has been riddled with unique challenges, but with fierce determination and human connection, Olena has overcome every single one.

In 2005, Olena co-founded DECOROOM, an interior design and development company. The company did everything from making custom furniture to consulting on textile patterns and textures for their clients. While leading DECOROOM, Olena built steadfast relationships with premium suppliers of exquisite paints and textiles throughout Italy and across Europe. These relationships were the building blocks for DECOROOM to become a prominent force in its industry.

However, in 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine, throwing new complexities into the existing challenge of business ownership. The country entered a recession, making it difficult to maintain supplier relationships and keep customers engaged. To save the business and weather the storm, Olena made a quick, strategic decision to sell materials online to all regions of Ukraine. Put simply, this decision saved DECOROOM, and it still operates in Ukraine today.

A few years after navigating the recession in Ukraine as a business owner, Olena decided to expand her business internationally. She traveled to the United States of America and learned about the business environment in this faraway country and her options as an entrepreneur. She spent months researching the market, learning about potential investment opportunities, and forging a path forward. Eventually, she acquired a partner in San Diego that proposed a partnership and joint acquisition of Murphy Mechanical Corporation.

Now operating the business as Murphy Mechanical HVAC Inc., Olena leads the company through a competitive industry, making it more successful than ever before. Murphy Mechanical HVAC Inc. provides repair and maintenance services for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems for large construction companies, commercial businesses, and many other clients in the United States. Serving a vast range of customers provides a constant challenge, but Olena loves that part of the business.

Its services play an especially critical role in the public health and wellness space in the United States by improving air quality in American homes, schools, and businesses to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens. Ventilation and air filtration systems are the primary way to keep occupants safe and reduce the risk of spreading these dangerous airborne particles in places where people congregate such as restaurants, retailers, schools, and hospitals with proper HVAC systems, repair, and maintenance.

When Olena purchased the company, she was committed to growing the organization and expanding its reach. Now, a westward expansion is at the forefront of Olena's mind as she plans to take Murphy Mechanical HVAC Inc. from a regional business to a national HVAC chain.

After attracting 50 new customers, including hospitals and schools, in her four years of ownership, Olena has boosted revenues as well. In 2021, Murphy Mechanical HVAC Inc. reported nearly $1.5 million in revenue, in the midst of the pandemic. She has coordinated major contracts with medical laboratories, bank branches, schools, restaurants, senior living communities, retail stores, apartment buildings, and more. Olena remains committed to fulfilling the company's mission, bringing clean air to the US by providing HVAC services to homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals across the country.