Ohio University Issues Apology After Sending Out Inappropriate 'Spooky Sexual Awareness' Email to Students

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Miami University
Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Facebook

Miami University is apologizing after an "overly provocative" email went out to students about a safe sex program that's being hosted on campus.

The university, based in Oxford, Ohio, posted to its social media pages, saying a recent promotional email about the safe sex program hosted on campus "included language that was overly provocative and did not reflect the educational intent of the program."

'Spooky Sex'

Earlier this week, a residence life manager allegedly sent an email to students about a "Spooky Sex" event that was taking place in the basement of Emerson Hall, a residence hall at the school. The language used was shocking for some and made others uneasy.

The email read, "You're missing this SPOOKY SEX that's happening in the Emerson Hall basement RIGHT NOW!"

"Cum enjoy some FREE pizza and contraceptives and compete for the chance to win some sex toys! See you soon," it continued.

"It was insane when I got that email. I don't know what she was thinking," Miami University freshman Isaiah Jackson told local news outlet WLWT.

"I was just chilling in my room, and then I got it, and I asked my roommate, and I was like, 'Dude, you get that email?' and I was like, 'Did you see how she like wrote it out?' And he was like, 'Yeah, that's kind of weird,'" said another freshman Micha Holder.

University Issues Apology

In response to the controversy, the university issued a statement, apologizing for the language used. "A recent promotional email about a safe sex program included language that was overly provocative and did not reflect the educational intent of the program. We apologize," the statement read.

"Our Office of Residence Life is working to ensure that our staff create more professional and clear emails in the future," the statement continued.

The university said in the email that the safe sex program aims to help educate students about safer sex practices, including consent and understanding the risks of unprotected sex.

This article was first published on November 2, 2023