Ohio Police Lieutenant Suspended, Demoted After Getting Caught Having Sex on the Job, Using Handcuffs During the Act

A Lieutenant in the Akron Police Department on Wednesday was demoted and disciplined for performing sex acts while on duty.

The demotion and discipline of Lt. Edward Patalon, who has been with the Akron Police Department for 23 Years, was confirmed by Akron police Lt. Michael Miller.

Patalon Sent Sexually Explicit Photos in Uniform, Had Sex with His Ex-Fiancé on Duty

Edward Patalon
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During an internal investigation, it was revealed that Patalon would take and send sexually-explicit photographs while in uniform at APD headquarters.The department's internal investigation also found the officer would have consensual sex with an ex-fiancé at his home while on duty. The ex-fiancé was the one who reported Patalon to officials.

Police officials also said there was an incident where he would use his police-issued uniform and handcuffs while having consensual sex. Following the internal investigation, the department chose to discipline Edward Patalon, formerly a lieutenant, for actions that brought "dishonor" to the force.

Patalon was suspended for 90 days without pay, was handed a two-rank demotion and a salary release of over $18,000. Patalon was promoted to lietenant rank in June 2017.

Akron Police Department Releases Statement

Akron police Chief Steve Mylett said the rules of the department outline that officers "shall not participate in any activity that impairs their ability to perform their duties or bring dishonor to the Akron Police Department," in an official statement.

"When this officer engaged in this unacceptable behavior, he did not hold himself to this standard, and his actions were not in alignment with the principles and values of our agency," Chief Mylett said. "As a direct result of his actions, he was held accountable and severely disciplined."