Ohio Mother Left Red-Faced After 2-Year-Old Sends Her Explicit Photos to Snapchat Contacts

The toddler took the naked photos of her while she was getting ready before sending it out to her contacts, including friends and colleagues

An Ohio mother's Snapchat contacts were treated to an unexpected nude courtesy of her two-year-old. Emily Schmitt was left embarrassed after realizing that her daughter Carsyn sent a nude photo of her bare bottom to her contacts on Snapchat.

Schmitt, 30, was drying her hair in nude when the toddler, who was playing with her phone took photos of her mother's rear and sent it out to multiple contacts on the app.

'Thanks for the Nude'

Emily Schmitt and Carsyn
Emily Schmitt and Carsyn Facebook

It wasn't until the mother-of-four received a text from a co-worker saying "thanks for the nude" that Schmitt realized her daughter had her phone while she was sitting on her bed that morning.

She checked her sent items and found that there were more than a dozen people that her daughter had sent the photos to. "I was mortified,' Schmitt said. "I literally think I died for a minute then came back to life so I could tell people what happened. "It's so funny - this child of mine is wild. We just say she's feral - she cannot be tamed."

Photos Sent to Friends, Colleagues

Carsyn had sent out the explicit images to 15 people, including her former university friends, a work acquaintance, former clients as well as co-workers from the real estate brokerage where she is currently employed.

"It's people I don't talk to all the time," she explained. "I was like, "Oh, there's the guy I went to college with who had a crush on me" and, "Oh, there's a past client of mine", "There's an old co-worker."

The mother added that she was lucky the photos were sent via Snapchat, which is designed to delete messages immediately after being viewed unless someone takes a screenshot, which Schmitt says none of the recipients did.

After realizing her daughter's mistake, Emily sent an apology to all those who received her naked pictures and later shared her story on social media.

Emily Schmitt

"When you find out your 2 year old had your phone this morning and took a naked pic of you while you were getting ready," she wrote. "Then sent it via snapchat to multiple people including...a fellow agent. A past client. A guy from college. An old coworker."

"I am SO SORRY if you got the pic," she added.