Ohio Man Who Claimed Coronavirus Pandemic Was Mere Hype Dies of COVID-19

Richard Rose had once posted on his Facebook that he will not wear masks to protect himself from coronavirus

coronavirus dead man
Richard Rose Facebook

As the entire world is fighting against coronavirus, which has killed thousands of people over the past few months, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that the death rates associated with this pandemic outbreak are actually hyped. Richard Rose, an Ohio resident, was also a proponent of this conspiracy theory, and shockingly, he died of coronavirus last week.

Richard Refused to Wear Mask

Rose, who was a US Army veteran, had several times claimed that the coronavirus pandemic is just a hype, and he repeatedly refused to wear masks, as recommended by health authorities. However, on July 1, Rose developed symptoms of coronavirus infection, and he was later tested positive. He died due to coronavirus infection at his home on July 04.

Richard Rose

Interestingly, Rose was an ardent supporter of United States president Donald Trump who has been continuously downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic outbreak from the initial days.

"I stand by my President and his words. It's finally time to have a President who has our backs. I'm glad to call him MY PRESIDENT!!" wrote Rose on his Facebook page on May 29.

Did the US Government Lie to the General Public?

Even though it was one of the worst affected countries, the United States had not propagated the vitality of using face masks in the initial days of the outbreak. A few weeks back, Anthony Fauci, one of the former lead members of the Trump Administration's White House Coronavirus Task Force, had revealed why the government did not ask the public to wear masks despite the chances of community spread.

According to Fauci, masks were initially not recommended to the public, as the first responders including health workers will not feel the strain of PPE shortage. Fauci also added that coronavirus pandemic will not 'just disappear' as claimed by Donald Trump. The top US health expert also believes that coronavirus is not a pandemic that was deliberately engineered by China.

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