Oh my Tortoise! Florida motorcyclist dies after colliding with reptile in road accident

The turtle survived the accident with a minor crack on its shell

Picture for representation
Picture for representation Reuters

A bizarre road accident in Florida shocked the entire world as a motorcyclist died after he collided with a tortoise. However, the reptile survived the crash and just had a slight crack in the bottom of its shell.

It was reported that the victim, later identified as David Kervin (51) passed away after receiving head injuries. Initial investigations reveal that the accident in Indian Harbour Beach on 30 November at around 3.15am. Officials said that the deceased was found on the road near the motorised bicycle and a turtle, which experts identified as a box turtle, was spotted nearby. There was no evidence of any other vehicle being involved in the accident, The Straits Times reported.

Moreover, investigators believed that the man lost control of his bicycle and was thrown off, however, it is not clear if he was wearing a helmet or not.

Florida Highway Patrol Kim Montes said that this is not the first accident involving a tortoise and there have been several such freakish accidents, but they are extremely rare, reported Florida Today. While taking about another accident, according to the news agency, he said, "Somehow the driver clipped the turtle at such an angle that it tossed the turtle into the windshield of another car."

"The troopers got there and pulled it out of the windshield and put it in a nearby body of water," he added.