JPAM successfully captures crocodile found loitering in front of shopping mall

Authorities say the crocodile has been surrendered to wildlife officials.

2m-long crocodile caught 'loitering' outside shopping mall in Malaysia
Representation Image Reuters

A 2 metre-long crocodile was found "loitering" on Saturday in front of the Karamunsing shopping complex in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

The Civil Defence Department (JPAM) was informed by a passer-by who initially thought it was a large monitor lizard.

Sabah JPAM director Col Mulliadi Al Hamdi Ladin said that the department was alerted at around 2 pm about the reptile. The JPAM authorities managed to capture it in only about three minutes time.

"The 55kg reptile, which was believed to have come from a nearby monsoon drain, was quite aggressive," Ladin told The Star Online.

The crocodile was surrendered to wildlife after it was brought back to the JPAM office.

Reports say no one was injured in the incident.