NYPD Sergeant, female officer stripped off duties after alleged sex romp in office bathroom

Police officers caught having sexual interactions in the department bathroom have been stripped of their gun and badges.

Two NYPD officers who were caught in a compromising position in a department bathroom have been stripped of their badge and duties. The officers were said to be caught during their work hours and one of them was intoxicated.

Sgt. Lambros Gavalas, 46, and Lt. Brandi Sanchez, 39, are going through reviews and were reassigned from their duties. They were found having sex inside a bathroom in the infamous 90 Church Street building in Tribeca on Friday evening.

Much of the media attention has been focused on Sanchez because of her intoxicated state and marital status. She is said to be the wife of the deputy inspector from Brooklyn's 79th precinct. Gavalas is a detective from the Department of Grand Larcenary and conducts regular seminars and lectures about crime rates and cyber-crime in New York.

NYPD Police Car
NYPD Police Car (Representational Image) Wikimedia Commons

Half-dressed inside the stall as another Lieutenant asked them to leave

A police report was submitted during the internal investigation detailed that Sanchez and Gavalas were inside a bathroom stall when a sergeant from a department entered and noticed that there were two people inside the stall, Daily Mail reported.

The report said that they were engaged in 'sexual interactions' when the sergeant reported them to a department lieutenant. Reports also claim that the other lieutenant asked the pair to leave but even after a short while they didn't leave the stall.

According to the sources Gavalas left the stall after a while without uttering a word to the stunned officers outside. The police report said that when the female sergeant checked on Sanchez after Gavalas left the lieutenant was sitting half-dressed in the stall.

Sgt. Gavalas
Sgt. Gavalas of the Grand Larceny unit Twitter/ 111th Precinct post

Sanchez's mental state was affected because of the incident

Lt. Sanchez did not give any comment with regard to the issue as her mental state was affected with the attention she was receiving. As Sanchez left the building she identified herself as a cop to the officials. The internal review will determine how the case will be handled and proper punishments handed out, said the reports.

Sanchez works for the Family Assistance Section which has offices in the Tribeca building in New York. The unit offers counselling to officers who are enduring work stress.