Kentucky woman charged for murder after she uses her pit bull to attack man

Officers who responded to the distress call said they encountered a very aggressive dog who was mauling the man while the accused woman continued to punch the victim

A Kentucky woman pleaded not guilty of murder after authorities charged her for the death of a man who was mauled to death by her pit bull following her command last week, police said. Melissa D Wolke was arrested on Friday after police at the Rockcastle County reported to a home call for a fatal dog attack in Conway. Officers found Wolke on top of Donald W Abner, 55 while punching him according to a statement by the Kentucky State Police.

They further said they "encountered a very aggressive dog" that was "in the immediate area of a suspected victim." In the latest statement, officers confirmed that the dog continued to maul the victim while Wolke assaulted him.

Mauled to death

Sex with dog

Police said after Woke refused an officer's order to stand down, she and her dog were shot with a taser. The registered complaint says the pit bull ran towards one of the officers in an "aggressive manner and gave the officer no option but to eliminate the dog" according to reports.

Abner suffered from severe dog bites on his face and neck and was declared dead at the spot. An autopsy is being conducted on Abner to confirm the cause of death. The remains of the dog are also being examined to find out if it suffered from rabies.

Dead body

The thirty-eight-year-old accused pleaded not guilty of all charges including murder, alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest on Monday. Bail was denied on Monday and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 22 according to the Associated Press.

4-year-old girl dies after family dog attack in Dayton

In a separate incident, a four-month-old girl died from injuries after the family dog attacked her at her house in Dayton city, Ohio.

California police department
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McKenzie Terwell died of blood loss due to extensive soft tissue trauma on January 9 and her death was ruled as an accident, said Montgomery County Coroner Dr Kent Harshbarger

"The animal in question has been quarantined and an investigation into the events leading up to this incident is currently being conducted by the Dayton Police Department," Lt Jason Hall was quoted as saying to Whio news. The incident is currently being investigated by the Special Victim's Unit.