NYPD Releases Photos of 4 Wanted Perpetrators in Midtown Studio Shooting

Police believe large and unspecified amounts of marijuana and money discovered at the studio may have been a cause of the attack.

NYPD released pictures of four perpetrators wanted for questioning in the Manhattan recording studio shooting on Thursday. The four had stormed inside the makeshift studio and started firing which killed two people.

In the pictures, all men appeared to be wearing hooded sweatshirts and were captured looking at a camera with faces visible, even though one of them was wearing a mask. Their identities are unknown as the investigation is in progress.

NYPD Shoot out
The 4 wanted perpetrators Wikimedia Commons

The victims of the attack were identified as Kamir King, 34, of Harlem and Devon Dillahunt, 24, of Roselle, New Jersey, according to NY Post. The police officials revealed that several people were present at the studio when the attack took place, which was on the third floor of a commercial walk-up building on West 37th Street near Ninth Avenue. Just after midnight, this group of four turned up and gunshots were heard.

King, who was shot in the head, is believed to be the main target by law enforcement officials. Dillahunt on the other hand was found unconscious with a gunshot wound to his chest in front of a building next door with a gun under his body.

Both of them were immediately transported to Bellevue Hospital, but medical professionals pronounced them dead. Sources told NY Post that Dillahunt was amongst those four who entered the studio and was the last to leave. This has prompted the police officials to conduct in-depth investigations to find out if Dillahunt was the one who had shot King earlier.

NYPD Shoot out
NYPD precinct in Manhattan Wikimedia Commons

Aaron Klein, Executive Officer of Detective Borough Manhattan South, said at a morning press conference, "we don't know what the connection between these two individuals are. Obviously, they're in close proximity, but it's still early on."

Since 'large, unspecified amount of money', in addition to marijuana was discovered inside the studio the investigators believe the attack could have been an attempted robbery.