Full-time Police National Serviceman, 23, dies from gunshot wound at Protective Security Command

 Protective Security Command at Ulu Pandan Road
Protective Security Command at Ulu Pandan Road. Google Map

A 23-year-old full-time Police National Serviceman was found dead at the Protective Security Command on Ulu Pandan Road. The police said in a statement on Sunday that a gunshot wound was visible on his head.

Police added that the 23-year-old deceased had reported for his duty at around 8 am on Monday, September 3 and had drawn his service revolver from the armoury.

Later, the serviceman was found with a gunshot wound to his head at around 3.20 pm. Police stated that they also have noticed his service revolver next to his body at the rest area in the Protective Security Command, where he was taking a break.

After his motionless body was found, he was taken to the National University Hospital, located at 5 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, which is almost eight to 10 minutes away from the crime scene. But due to the serious injuries, he could not survive and died on Sunday.

After the initial investigation conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department, it was revealed that before he was found unconscious with a gunshot, the late serviceman was head arguing over the phone.

Since police have not found any evidence of this case yet, they have classified it as unnatural death. The officers are investigating this case very carefully. As of now, no foul play is suspected.