NYC Teacher Reassigned After He Was Filmed Hurling Homophobic Slurs in Viral Road Rage Video

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Juan Ynoa
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A high school teacher and baseball coach has been pulled from his duties after officials reviewed a video where the man was seemingly shouting homophobic slurs.

Last week, a video started circulating on social media showing a man being verbally abusive and hurling homophobic slurs towards a fellow driver in what appears to be road rage incident.

"He said, 'I'm gonna r-word you, you f---ing,' then another f-word that's very bad. Let's just say homophobic slurs were shouted," said Matthew Kevelson, who recorded the video and was on the receiving end of the man's tirade.

As reported by NBC New York, the threat of sexual assault and homophobic slur were coming from Juan Ynoa, a teacher at Flushing High School. In fact, the name of his team can clearly be seen on his shirt as he gets out of his car, according to the video.

"After he got out of the car, I noticed he was going toward the back of the car," Kevelson said. That's when he drove off, afraid of what would come next."

"This guy had filmed my license plate, my car, who knows if this person would retaliate against me. So posting it was almost a form of protection in case anything happened," he added.

Kevelson, a musician who goes by Mattykevs, said the Sept. 5 incident started after Ynoa cut across three lanes of traffic.

"So I honked on my horn for all of 2 Mississippi," he said.

The Department of Education said Ynoa was reassigned "away from students" after learning of the video, and the New York Longhorns team posted a statement to its social media account three days ago.

"Upon learning of this incident the staff member was relieved of his duties with our organization. The actions, words and sentiments expressed by the former member do not align in any way with the Longhorns core values and mission to provide a positive and supportive place for baseball players to develop into young adults both on and off the field," the post read, in part.

NBC also noted that Kevelson shared screenshots of Ynoa's tirade that he sent to team management on Sept. 10, but they went unanswered until three days ago.

"This guy is around children. If he's a coach, if he's a teacher in the community, a leader of the community, he can't be acting like that in public," he said.