NYC Man Rapes Woman at Knifepoint in Elevator Weeks After Serving 16-Year Prison Sentence

A convicted sex offender who was recently out on parole was arrested on Thursday for raping a woman inside a Bronx elevator earlier this week, cops said on Thursday.

Ramon Rotestan, a Level 3 sex offender, who got out of prison just six weeks ago after serving 16 years in jail, turned himself in at around 8.30 p.m. at the 49th Precinct, police said.

Rotestan Caught on Tape Raping 40-Year-Old Woman Inside Elevator

Ramon Rotestan
Ramon Rotestan in still images from the video footage released by the NYPD. Twitter

According to police, Rotestan followed the 40-year-old victim into a building in The Bronx at around 10 p.m. on Monday, May 9. The suspect stalked the victim as she entered the elevator, displayed a knife and said "this is a robbery, don't do anything stupid," cops and prosecutors said.

He then ordered her to "turn around" and "face the elevator" wall before allegedly raping her, prosecutors said. He also snatched $112 from the victim, police said. The woman was taken to Jacobi Medical Center for treatment, cops said.

NYPD released video footage of the horrifying encounter on social media seeking the public's help in identifying the suspect. In the video footage, Rotestan is seen pulling out what appears to be a condom from the inside of his jacket before proceeding to rape the woman.

Rotestan Served Time on Rape, Burglary, Sexual Abuse and Drug Charges

Ramon Rotestan
Ramon Rotestan Twitter

Rotestan was charged with rape and sexually motivated robbery, authorities said. He has two prior arrests for rape – one on Dec. 11, 2005, and another from Feb. 2, 2006. He was also arrested for attempted rape on Feb, 2006, according to police sources.

In each of those cases, he was armed with a knife, approached his victim in an elevator, and robbed her. "That's his M.O.," the police source said.

He was released on parole March 30 from state prison — where he was held on rape, sexual abuse and burglary charges, records show. His parole was set to expire in March 2027. Rotestan was ordered held without bail at his Thursday night arraignment at Bronx Criminal Court.

"This defendant has a long history of not only violently assaulting women but also failing to abide by court orders," Assistant District Attorney Tala Nazareno told the court, as reported by the New York Post.

Nazareno said Rotestan's latest alleged rape "is not just eerily similar, it is almost identical to the conduct committed by the defendant during the 2005 incidents that led to the defendant's Bronx County convictions.

"In each of those incidents, the defendant followed a female complaining witness into an elevator and sexually assaulted her," said Nazareno.

Rotestan has also served time for first-degree robbery, attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance, and criminal possession of a controlled substance, records show.

"Our most violent prisoners are continuously being released despite being a danger to the community, all for a second chance," a police source said. "We're doing a disservice to the community and almost being complicit in their next crime."