Nuclear Attack on New York City Using Sarmat Missile; Russian State TV Host Laughs While Offering Suggestion to Kremlin

A panel on Russian State TV suggested the Kremlin to nuke New York city with one of Moscow's intercontinental ballistic missiles. The TV host laughed while discussing the possible bombing of the US city that hosts eight million people.

The presenter suggested the government use the newly-tested Sarmat missile Satan 2 against the US city. The discussion held on state TV channel Russia 1 pointed out that New York City would be 'completely gone' if President Vladimir Putin uses a nuclear weapon against the city.

Panel discussion on Russia's State TV
Panel discussion on Russia's State TV Twitter

American Rocket Can't Match Russia's Capacity

The anchor on Russia-1 also claimed that Americans don't have a rocket that can match the capacity of Russian rockets.

Satan 2 Launch
Russia launched Satan 2 on Wednesday Twitter

"What is attractive about the South Pole," he said before being interrupted by another presenter who quipped: "We know right away where to send it via the north pole or the south pole. We only have one target," according to the Daily Mail.

"The continental territory of the US," responded the anchor.

The host also pointed out that Russia's newly-tested missile Satan 2 would be able to destroy New York city stressing that 7.5 megatons will be able to erase the presence of New York City.

'Completely gone, with one rocket. Completely, I mean completely,' the presenter said whilst smiling.

Nuclear Blast in NYC Could Kill 4 Million

The anchor also claimed that Americans always fear Russia's heavy rockets and triggered laughter from the panel present in the studio.

A nuclear blast in New York city could kill nearly 4 million people and injure up to 5 million, according to the nuclear bomb simulator site Nuke Map. However, it is believed that Moscow could fire its 12 individual warheads, which would cover a huge area of the east coast and injure tens of millions of people.

It came as Russia Wednesday conducted the first successful test launch of its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile named Satan 2. The missile can fly 6,000 miles and can carry 16 warheads and has the potential to destroy an area the size of France.