Major Fire Erupts at Russia's Secret Defense Plant; Video Shows Military Scientists Jumping Out Of Windows

A major fire has erupted at a top-secret plant of Russia's defense research, killing two and injuring as many as 30. Military scientists present at the site were forced to jump out of the burning building in Tver. The facility in Tver develops new space and weapons systems.

The fire erupted at the Second Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Initially, the fire began from the second floor of the top-secret institute. The facility had a lot of wooden flooring which helped the fire to spread throughout the building.

Fire at Russia's Defense Ministry building
Fire at Russia's Defense Ministry building Twitter

Poisonous Bluish-Black Smoke Seen

So far, the cause of the incident is not known but reports claimed the presence of poisonous bluish-black smoke.

Visuals that emerged from the site showed thick plumes of the dark smoke rising. The facility had a lot of wooden flooring which helped the fire to spread throughout the building.

People nearby to the site have claimed that insiders were forced to jump from the building as they were unable to breathe inside due to the presence of smoke, according to The Mirror.

Roof of Aerospace Defense Forces' Building Collapsed

"Two people were killed, the fate of another one remains unknown, reports of his death are being verified. About 30 people suffered injuries. More than 30 were evacuated from the building," an emergency source told TASS.

People had suffered smoke inhalation and some suffered injuries after jumping from the building.

After the incident, the roof of the Aerospace Defense Forces' Central Research Institute's building collapsed.

Fire Engulfed Over 1,000 Square Meters

The fire has now engulfed over 1,000 square meters and emergency officials are not able to contain the fire yet. Some preliminary reports have also suggested the fire erupted due to a power grid failure.

It came as Russia on Wednesday conducted the first successful test launch of its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile named Satan 2. The missile can fly 6,000 miles and can carry 16 warheads and has the potential to destroy an area the size of France.

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