Nth Room scandal: Here is how Jo Joo Bin victimized popular female idols with deepfake pornography

Recent probe of Telegram Nth Room probe has revealed that not only minors and adult females, but even female idols were victimized by Jo Joo Bin. Here is how he used idol in deepfake pornography

Jo Joo Bin Nth Room scandal suspect
Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa SBS video screengrab

The latest report on Telegram Nth Room Scandal has left the people of South Korea baffled as the extent of crimes is coming out in the open. A program 'One Night of TV Entertainment' revealed shocking news that many female idols had become victims of Nth Room as their faces were used to create deepfake pornography.

According to details, Jo Joo Bin used machine learning techniques to manipulate visuals and replace the female victims forced to act in videos with the face of female idol. Explaining the same, reporter Hwang Duk Hyun said that images of many idols were used to fool users to get more money in buying the videos created at the Nth Room.

Reporter Duk Hyun also said that these videos were professionally made. Even the agencies of idols whose faces were misused in the videos had no clue about it. They are learning of the situation now. This information has shocked the idols and their agencies.

Earlier, it was reported that police have identified 70 users of Nth Room videos who paid Jo Joo Bin the room initiation fee. They are currently under probe. The names came up after the details of people who made payment to Jo Joo Bin through cryptocurrency were revealed in the probe.

Accordingly, Jo Joo Bin had set up three digital wallets for payments. Two wallets were just to mislead investigators. These two wallets could be found via Google search. But the third wallet was used to make and receive payments and was used secretly and details were known only to Jo Joo Bin.

The Seoul police have been probing the Nth Room case since September 2019. So far, the cops have got 15,000 names of people who used the Nth Room chatrooms. But police said that many people shared one chatroom, so the number of users could be higher.

Reports also claimed that the cops had seized 20 items of digital evidence including nine cell phones. Police have cracked open seven phones and have inspected the details, but failed to find any new details about the case.

However, two more phones are said to be locked and cannot be cracked. Jo Joo Bin is said to be not cooperating in terms of opening the lock of these two phones. Even President Moon Jae In has promised that the government would take strong action against the guilty in the Telegram Nth Room scandal.