Nth Room Founder God God's Accomplice Ahn Seung Jin's Face Revealed to Public (VIDEO)

The Nth Room case is getting murkier with more names and identities revealed. Here is why Ahn Seung's identity was made public.

More shocking details are being revealed about the Nth Room cybersex trafficking scandal after the arrest of God God, the founder of the Nth Room. Currently, the police have revealed the face of Ahn Seung Jin, who was an accomplice to Moon Hyun Wook, the Nth Room founder known as God God.

Ahn Seung Jin's face was made public at the Andong Police Station. The 25-year-old perpetrator confessed to his crimes and apologized to all the victims. When the media asked him about his crimes, he said, "I'm sorry. I sincerely apologize to the victims and their families."

Ahn Seung Jin
Identity of Ahn Seung Jin, accomplice of Nth Room founder God God was made public. Instagram

He was also accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old minor in 2015. When asked about it, he refused to comment. On answering the reason behind becoming God God's accomplice, Ahn Seung Jin said that he was curious about things related to sex and that made him come in contact with the Nth Room founder God God.

Addiction to Pornographic Material

Ahn Seung Jin is accused of sexually harassing 10 minor girls between 2015 and 2016. He is said to have made multiple sexually explicit videos of these minors. While addressing the media, he also told that he was addicted to pornographic material.

So far the identifies of Cho Joo Bin known as Baksa, Jeon known as Watchman, Moon Hyun Wook known as God God, teenage associates of Baksa, Kang Hoon known as Butta and Lee Won Ho known as Igiya have been made public. Thus Ahn Seung Jin is the latest face to be made public in connection with the Nth Room case.

Among the accused whose identities have been made public, Jeon, a 38-year-old company worker known as Watchman, had received a suspended sentence for pornography distribution in the past. But his sentence was put on hold after his name appeared in the list of accused in the Nth Room case and he is under further probe.

First of its Kind Decision in South Korea

The first face of the accused was made public by the Seoul Broadcasting System on March 23, 2020, when it revealed Cho Joo Bin aka Baksa's identity. Following this, Personal Information Disclosure Review Committee of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency also took a decision and disclosed his identity officially on March 24.

This was the first ever case in South Korea where the identity of the sexual criminal was made public. The decision was taken after carefully considering Article 25 of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Crimes.

Following the public outcry, the Supreme Court of South Korea too announced that it was working on the rule to give harsher punishments to those accused in the digital sex crimes. Currently, the number of victims of the sexual crimes in the Nth Room is said to be 103 including 26 minors.