NPSU Bullying? Viral Video Shows Group of Boys Urinating on Two Others after Stripping Them Naked

The alleged victim took to social media and said that the act was consensual and called people demanding action against those peeing as mindless!

A video of a group of boys peeing on two boys, who are stripped naked in a bathroom, has gone viral. Some of the students are seen wearing a t-shirt of the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students' Union (NPSU). This has led to speculation that students of Ngee Ann Polytechnic [NP] in Singapore are behind this bullying. NP has launched an investigation into the incident.

What looks like a hazing session, two boys are seen naked, who have been made to sit in the bathroom, while another set of boys – two at one time- are seen coming forward and peeing on the them. News website Mothership reported that they received the video from multiple sources who described it as a hazing session.

Video of two boys being being on is going viral on social media. Twitter screengrab

Hazing Session?

The incident reportedly happened during an orientation camp organized by the college [NP], recently. In the video, someone can be heard shouting from behind, "Don't be shy, let us pee on you instead? You deserve nothing but the worst." Others are also heard saying, "I want you to empty your vessels," "Eh you all better pee," "Eh! Pee the hair! Pee the hair."

One of the boys, who was being urinated upon, is seen turning on the shower, while someone is heard shouting, "Eh no showering! No showering!" The identity of victims and students who bullied them are yet to be revealed.

This has led to NSPU drawing flak from all corners. A twitter user wrote that the victims had told that the cat was consensual as it was their punishment. Another user wrote, a part of NP students' fee goes to NPSU. Yet another user took wrote that according to a friend in NP, it is an yearly thing for the Ngee Ann union to pee on juniors in the name of hazing.

All these are online comments and have not been proved. Involvement of NPSU also has not been proved yet. But the college authorities are looking into the matter while netizens are demanding punishment for those involved in this incident, if found guilty.

Victim Says "It Was Consensual"

In a twist to the story, the alleged victim, who got peed up on, wrote on his social media handle [Instagram] that it was cool and he didn't have any problem with that. It was also written that he would be answering any question via direct message. But currently, his IG account has either been made private or removed.

His post read: "Hi everyone! I'm sure y'all are aware of the dumb video that got viral on social media today or yesterday depending on the time I post this! And tadah, yes, first thing I would like to clarify is that, yes, I am the one who got peed on, yes.

But the comments section being the comments section really went ham on the imagination! I saw things like like, they are bullying??? Nah bro, I was cool with it, just mindless fun to me! To be honest, like y'all just got to chill mans! I, for one, do not know who posted the video and to be honest, I don't want to know but y'all ain't being SKINNY about this!!!

I have some of my friends getting blasted on media!! Yo not cool, they just did something consensual but y'all make it to be like such a bully story, it's not! And coming from me, yo."

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