Expert spotted a new pink-clawed species of pistol shrimp and what they did later has indeed shocked the world. The bright coloured pistol shrimp has been scientifically named as Synalpheus Pinkfloydi, after the discoverers' favourite rock band – Pink Floyd.

The details were published in Zootaxa journal on Wednesday. Its first name Synalpheus is named after the report's authors, Sammy De Grave, of Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Arthur Anker of the Universidade Federal de Goiás in Brazil, and Kristin Hultgren of Seattle University in the USA.

A description on Get Surrey UK wrote, "Just like all good rock bands, pistol shrimps, or snapping shrimps, have an ability to generate substantial amounts of sonic energy. By closing its enlarged claw at rapid speed the shrimp creates a high-pressure cavitation bubble, the implosion of which results in one of the loudest sounds in the ocean – strong enough to stun or even kill a small fish."

The head of the research group, Dr De Grave, is an avid fan of the world-famous band. He has also been waiting for years to name a species after the band. "I have been listening to Floyd since The Wall was released in 1979, when I was 14 years old. I've seen them play live several times since, including the Hyde Park reunion gig for Live 8 in 2005," he was quoted. He further added, "The description of this new species of pistol shrimp was the perfect opportunity to finally give a nod to my favourite band."

However, this isn't the first time de Grave has named a species after a rock band. He also named one after Mick Jagger. An opinion on Alternative Press jokingly described the scenario as, "The rule of nature is, if you discover it, you name it. So if you have a love for rock bands and also happen to be in the science field, you can name a species after your favorite band."