Want to shed some weight? Drinking gin can help to shed few kilos by boosting metabolism

Researchers say that gin also eases arthritis and is safe for diabetic people.

Want to shed some weight? Drinking gin can help people lose weight by boosting metabolism
Gin is produced at the Strathearn Distillery, Methven, Scotland, Britain Reuters

A recent study reveals that the consumption of gin increases metabolic rate. According to researchers, this indicates that the spirit may have a slimming effect on the body. Professor Thisa Lye carried out the study as lead author along with researchers at University of Sigulda.

The researchers carried out an experiment on two groups of mice: one group was given gin whereas the other one was given water. Surprisingly, the group of mice that received water showed no change but the other group of mice that was given gin saw a rise of 17 percent in their metabolic rate.

"The research revealed that gin could trigger the metabolic rate for up to an hour, while the alcohol is being processed by the liver," Lye said.

The researchers claim that gin also increases the secretion of digestive enzymes and stomach acids which results in an increased metabolism rate.

According to a study published by the Journal of Diabetes Nursing in 2008, gin and tonic was also said to be the safest alcoholic drink for people diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes.

The Daily Mail reported that gin is made from juniper berries, which are rich in antioxidants. Reports said these berries are also found to be a diuretic and help boost digestion. Gin eases joint inflammation in arthritis patients.

Researchers say that gin is extremely low in calories. A shot of gin comprises just 97 calories, but on the other hand if you mix it with sugary liquids can adversely impact its effect on the body. Gin is the best when it is taken with low-cal tonics.

The study also claimed that those who work hard towards shedding some weight can now sip on some moderate quantities of gin and tonic to achieve their goal.