Not Bluffing On Nukes, Says Putin in Televised Address; Announces Partial Mobilization, 3,00,000 Reserve Forces Will Be Sent To Frontlines (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he's not bluffing on nuclear weapons, Russia has disastrous nukes and it can use them whenever needed. Russia's strongman has also ordered partial mobilization, under which 3,00,000 fighters will be mobilized.

Accusing the West of nuclear blackmail, he threatened a nuclear response if Ukraine continues to try to reclaim territories that are set to hold "referenda" and which he considers historically Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin Twitter

Not Bluffing On Nuclear Weapons

"I'm not bluffing. That's why I asked the ministry of defense to agree to partial mobilization," he said in his recent TV address to the nation that was delayed for hours.

Under the partial mobilization, Russia's reservists would be conscripted, according to Putin, who also stated that he has signed a decree and conscription would start on Wednesday.

3,00,000 Reservists Will Be Drafted in Partial Mobilization

"We are talking about partial mobilization, that is, only citizens who are currently in the reserve will be subject to conscription, and above all, those who served in the armed forces have a certain military specialty and relevant experience," said Putin, according to ITV News.

Nearly 3,00,000 reservists will be drafted in the partial mobilization, according to officials.

Putin's Address Was Delayed For Over 12 Hours

His address was delayed for more than 12 hours without giving any clear reason. Reports claimed that multiple attempts were made to record his speech but all failed as Putin started coughing after the recording began.

Putin Had Complained Of Chest Pain, Cough

"When the president came out and preparations for filming began, he began to cough frequently. Several attempts to start recording an appeal were frustrated due to coughing," claimed Telegram channel General SVR which has links to the Kremlin insiders.

A total of four unsuccessful attempts were made, after which officials realized the need to call the doctors as Putin also started complaining of chest pains, according to General SVR.

"Doctors advised to postpone the shooting and leave with them for examination, which was done. There is an opinion of people from the president's inner circle that Putin feigned a health problem in order to reschedule filming and rethink his decision-making," said General SVR.

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