North Korea Has Only 15 Approved Socialist Haircuts; Kim Jong-un Bans Skinny Jeans and Mullets

Kim Jong-un has banned fashion trends and many other styles including skinny jeans, mullets, and lip piercings as the North Korean leader is concerned that a capitalistic lifestyle could influence young citizens and impact his regime. In an attempt to stop the influence of exotic and decadent western lifestyles, the leader of North Korea also banned ripped jeans, T-Shirts with slogans, and nose rings.

The communist leader aims to exert even tighter control over the North Korean society discouraging 'capitalistic' ideology from gaining a foothold in the country. North Korean newspaper The Rondong Sinmun, which is an arm of the ruling Working Party, reportedly said: "We must be wary of even the slightest sign of the capitalistic lifestyle and fight to get rid of them." It further stated that the country could become vulnerable and collapse like a damp wall regardless of its economic and defence status if the people do not hold on to their own lifestyle.

Moreover, not just clothes even hairstyles have been selected by the North Korean leader. Spikey and dyed hair has also been ruled out in the bizarre fashion crackdown. The country recognizes only 15 approved haircuts considered to be "socialist hairstyles", according to the North Korean newspaper The Rondong Sinmun. According to the new Korean laws, mullets and other unauthorized hairstyles are anti-socialist behavior. This includes banning South Korean K-pop bands in efforts to halt the influence of foreign cultures, according to reports.

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Pixabay

Kim Jong Un Bans Chinese Medicine at Hospitals

The decision to ban fashion items comes as part of the new laws of North Korea. Kim Jong-un also banned Chinese-made medicines at major hospitals in Pyongyang after a top-ranking government official died from a dose of a Chinese-manufactured medicine cocarboxylase.

Following the incident, the furious North Korean leader also ordered scientists to stop their test trials of Chinese Covid vaccines and work on the production of a domestic one instead.

The country is also keeping an eye on people consuming 'non-socialist phenomena' like foreign videos and magazines.