North Carolina Restaurant Drops Grubhub After Maskless Driver Filmed Berating Staff Member [VIDEO]

The GrubHub driver became aggressive and started insulting the restaurant worker after she told him to wait in his car for the order since he was not wearing a face mask.

A video of a GrubHub driver refusing to wear a mask and insulting a restaurant worker after she denied him the order is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip was shared originally by Mary Taylor, who works at the Bonfire Barbeque in Asheville, North Carolina. According to Taylor, theGrubHub driver approached the takeaway window of the establishment without a mask on and became "extremely aggressive" after she asked him to put a mask on.

She claims the driver, identified as Francisco Gonzales, started screaming at her with "food in his mouth, spitting all over the place" when she asked him to go back to his vehicle and wait for the order but Gonzales refused. At this point, Taylor claims she pulled out her phone and started recording.

'You're a Power-tripping Nazi'

Maskless GrubHub Driver
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Facebook

"You don't have to tell me to wait in the car. I'm out here where I belong," he says to Taylor. "You're not a boss. You're not a Nazi. Get off your power trip. You're on a power trip!"

"Just give me the food and I'm outta here," he adds. Taylor then tells him that she's not going to give him the food and that she's going to cancel the order because he's not wearing a mask.

"The customer's going to know that you're the one being difficult, not me," he says as he starts filming Taylor, who explains to him she's just following their restaurant's policy.

"You're just a bunch of Nazis, that's what you are. You're a power-tripping Nazi!," Gonzales can be heard saying to Taylor. "You have no right to enforce any of this."

"This is private property and I have the right to refuse business to anybody," Taylor responds.

'I Make More Money Than You Do'

"You're pissing off your customers," he tells Taylor. "Your customer is waiting for their food," he says before adding that he's going to call the customer and tell them the restaurant is delaying the order.

Taylor then replies saying that she has already informed the customer that Gonzales wasn't wearing a mask and she had cancelled the order.

"I'm waiting for your customer's food," he says to her. "Am I getting the food or not? You're not going to lecture me and tell me what to do."

The video ends with Gonzales telling Taylor he makes more money than her and makes the tips that she doesn't make because of she's so "disrespectful" toward her customers. Watch the full video below:

GrubHub Dropped By Restaurant

According to GrubHub's mask policy for its delivery executives, it is mandatory for them to wear a mask or face covering while picking up or delivering orders and restaurants can refuse to allow them to enter the restaurant to pick up orders or accept the order if they are not wearing a face covering.

The restaurant's manager, Geo Rocabado, said that the business was following the state mandate for the safety of the restaurant's employees and customers.

Bonfire Barbeque
Bonfire Barbeque Facebook

"Unfortunately, the people that don't agree with it feel like they can speak to our employees anyway they want," Rocabado told local news outlet ABC13.. "We've all been through hell, and that doesn't negate our employees. They deserve respect."

He added that they have temporarily dropped GrubHub as a food delivery partner in the wake of the incident.

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