North Carolina Man Mauled to Death by Two Dogs He was Sitting for his Daughter

dog attack
Emergency crews at the residence where the dog attack took place on Monday. Twitter

A 67 year-old man died after being attacked by two dogs. The incident took place Monday afternoon in Clayton, North Carolina.

Anthony Gerard Bastardi was identified as the man who died in the attack. According to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office, Bastardi's daughter and her family were out of town on vacation. The family had hired a local animal hospital to care for the two dogs while they were away. The dogs were a cane corso and bull terrier.

Bastardi was Called After the Dogs Attacked the Animal Hospital Employee

While at the home, the animal hospital employee let the two dogs out of the house into the back yard, which is enclosed by a fence. While in the back yard, the cane corso reportedly bit the employee in the leg. The victim left the dogs in the back yard, retreated to safety, and notified the pet owners.

The family reportedly called Bastardi, who was familiar with both dogs and had been around them multiple times. Bastardi arrived at the home around 12:30pm and told the animal hospital employee it was okay for her to leave. While there alone, Bastardi was reportedly attacked inside the house. The attack continued as the victim exited the front of the home.

Neighbors called 911 after seeing Bastardi being attacked in front of the home. Wilson's Mills Police were the first to arrive on the scene. The cane corso was still acting aggressive as he met the police officer at the entrance to the drivewayy. The officer shot the dog and the animal ran away.

The officer immediately turned his attention towards the bull terrier, which was still attacking the victim. The officer shot and killed the bull terrier to end the attack. The injured cane corso was located nearby. The dog was shot a second time and died.

Both Dogs Had Never Shown Signs of 'Aggression' Before

EMS crews pronounced Bastardi deceased at the scene. Detective Lt. Don Pate said neighbors reported the family had walked the dogs through the neighborhood in the past and the dogs never appeared to act aggressive. The sheriff's office confirmed they had no prior calls to the residence for any animal complaints. The incident remains under investigation.