North Carolina Man Fatally Shoots Driver After He Runs Over, Kills His Son

Chad Woods
Chad Woods (left) and his 17-year-old son. Twitter

A North Carolina man has been charged with murder for allegedly shooting and killing the driver of a truck who struck and killed his teenage son early Monday.

The Person County Sheriff's Department said that 41-year-old Chad Woods was arrested at his home in Timberlake after they found 39-year-old Jeffrey McKay's pickup truck at Woods' home, WTVD reported.

Woods and His Son were Walking Home After Running Out of Gas

According to WRAL, Woods, his 17-year-old son, and the boy's mother were reportedly walking home along Dink Ashley Road at about 6:30 a.m. Monday morning after they ran out of gas, the sheriff's department said. A state Department of Adult Correction truck driven McKay hit the teen, killing him.

McKay stopped his truck and called 911 to report the collision. Before deputies arrived, however, Woods pulled out a gun and shot McKay, then tossed his gun into a nearby pond, and he and the mother drove home in McKay's truck, leaving two bodies behind in the road.

"He was just out of it, going off and stuff. He was going, 'He just he killed my son. He killed my son,'" Woods' father, Lawrence Claiborne, said, according to WTVD.

Woods Charged with Second-Degree Murder

Deputies went to Woods' home after identifying the teenager. Woods has been charged with second degree murder and larceny of a motor vehicle and is due in court on August 21.

"This is kind of a first. I've been to people struck by cars and I've been to shootings, but I haven't ever had this happen at the same time. Sad situation all around, for all the families," Sgt. Kevin Morris told WTVD.

Divers were back in the pond where Woods said he threw his gun on Tuesday.

A Department of Adult Correction spokesperson told WRAL that McKay was an electrical supervisor in the engineering department.