Nobody Knows episode 15 recap; episode 16 (finale) spoilers, live stream details

Baek Sung Ho may make his final move as Cha Young Jin uses her powers to lock him behind bars with the help of Lee Sun Woo in the last episode of Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows is coming to an end tonight, April 21, with episode 16 and the finale is scheduled to air on SBS at 10 pm KST. Though the production team has left everything to the imagination of the viewers with no promos and stills, director Lee Jung Heum has dished about the last episode of this crime thriller series.

Before getting into the details of the new episode, here is a quick recap of episode 15. The episode picked up right from where it left off in episode 14 and it focussed on Jang Ki Ho's search for the evidence against Baek Sang Ho. Detective Cha Young Jin and the viewers were equally disappointed to find out that Kwon Hae Hyo's character knows nothing about the evidence.

Yoo Pan Sool's death and Oh Du Seok's arrest

Nobody Knows
Park Hoon as Baek Sung Ho in SBS drama 'Nobody Knows'. SBS

In the meantime, detectives Kim Byung Hee and Park Jin Su were busy investigating the murder case of Yoo Pan Sool with the help of detective Han Geun Man. While detectives Lee Jae Hong and Yoon Ja Young were busy entertaining Ko Eun Ho and his friends.

The mini-series then shifted its focus to Baek Sung Ho and his friends – Bae Sun A and Go Hee Dong -- who were busy focussing on the renovation of Millennium Hotel. Meanwhile, Oh Du Seok was waiting for Bae Sun A without realising that his friends have already betrayed him. Gradually, he got arrested by the police force.

And finally, Cha Young Jin managed to gather some crucial evidence against Baek Sung Ho with the help of her teammates and Jung Ki Ho. Now, she will have to be quick enough to arrest him before he makes his next evil move.

What to expect in Nobody Knows episode 16?

Since SBS has not released the promo and stills for the final episode of this crime thriller series, the fate of Cha Young Jin and Baek Sung Ho remains a mystery for a while. But director Lee Jung Heum hinted that viewers may not get the answers to all their questions in the last episode.

"Will the truth be revealed and the problem solved if the culprit is caught? I don't think it's easy to find out the truth behind a crime. The truth that is hidden by the culprit and lied about becomes a truth that Nobody Knows. But if you try to listen to the perspectives of the victims and the people around the victim, 'anyone can know' because victims don't lie," Soompi quoted Lee Jung Heum.

How to watch the finale live online?

The crime thriller drama will be back with its final episode on SBS tonight, April 21, at 10 pm KST. People in Korea can tune in to SBS to watch the show or they can stream the show on the official website of the broadcasting channel. But Korean drama lovers from other parts of the world, including the non-Korean speaking population, will have to watch the mini-series on various streaming sites.