Noah Brown: 12-Year Old Baby Sitter With 'Anger Issues' Beats Toddler with Belt, Smashes Head in Wall for Crying

Noah Brown, a three-year-old boy was hospitalized after being severely beaten by his 12-year-old babysitter with 'anger issues'. Brown, who is presently on life support, suffered multiple seizures following the head injuries during the assault which took place at South Lyons Avenue in Indianapolis.

Noah Brown
Noah Brown X

The babysitter, whose identity remains undisclosed, faces charges of aggravated assault, two counts of causing serious bodily harm to a person under the age of 14, and possession of personal weapons.

Baby Sitter Attacked Noah For Crying

In the incident which took place on November 29, the three-year old Indiana boy was left with the 12-year-old boy before he was severely battered. McClatchy News reported that according to Noah's grandmother Candy King, the babysitter has anger issues and attacked the toddler after he started to cry.

"The 12-year-old has anger issues and Noah started to cry," she said. He couldn't handle it so he beat him with a belt and threw him towards the bed and his head hit the bed frame of the bunk bed."

The grandmother further revealed that the babysitter then took Noah and rammed his head into a wall. Noah collapsed soon after he tried to get away and under the bed.

Stating that Noah is sedated and on life support at the Riley Children's Hospital, King said, "The doctor's are removing the breathing tube and neck brace to see if he can breathe on his own all the way and they stopped the sedation medicine (cause) they want him to wake up fully."

Baby-Sitter Was Victim's Stepbrother

In an online petition, Noah's mother, Michelle Lane, wrote that the baby sitter was her ex-husband's stepson, who was supposed to take care of the 3-year-old and his 5-year-old brother. After the assault, he told his biological father that her son was being 'annoying' while crying so he hit him with a belt, hit his head on the bunk bed frame and rammed him at a wall.

Speaking about the toddler, Lane wrote that Noah has had to be put on life support and has had a part of his skull removed due to the intensity of his injuries. Lane has initiated an online petition in an effort to establish a law mandating that the minimum age for babysitting in Indiana be set at 16 years old.