No2Theft deters theft of jailbroken iPhones while charging

No2Theft helps prevent theft of iPhones by triggering an alarm when someone tries disconnecting the device from power outlet.

No2Theft jailbreak app
No2Theft jailbreak app prevents theft of iPhones while quick charging in unfamiliar places

No2Theft, a new jailbreak tweak prevents prospective thieves from stealing your iPhone when it is plugged-in for quick charging at unaccustomed places. It is a handy, little app for jailbroken iPhones, which eliminates the need to babysit your device when you are away from home on a business trip, at a restaurant, or attending a get together at your best friend's house.

If your conscience feels unnerved with the thought of someone stealing your favourite smartphone while you are away, you could always count on No2Theft app. It lets you add all familiar Wi-Fi networks to the whitelist as "safe" such as the one at home or office.

Once you have created the whitelist of safe networks, you are actually programming the No2Theft app to trigger an alarm when someone tries to disconnect your iPhone from the power outlet when connected to familiar networks.

The app supports a hidden safety feature wherein the offender who is trying to steal your iPhone will not be able to mute the alarm or hit the silent switch or even reduce the volume using the physical buttons.

No2Theft settings and preferences
No2Theft settings and preferences

You will be the sole person who can silence the alarm after unlocking the iPhone and authenticating with a Touch ID password or a special PIN number you had configured earlier. To set up the safe Wi-Fi networks and assign the security PIN after installing the app, just head over to Settings > No2Theft.

Configure up to three safe Wi-Fi networks and toggle the safety feature ON based on your requirement. Once you are done adding the corresponding SSIDs for your safe networks, just hoe the Apple Changes button and you are done. The device will respring once for the changes to take effect.

Interested users with iOS 7 through iOS 9 installed on their phones can go ahead and download the app on their jailbroken device for just $0.99 via Cydia's BigBoss repository.