No, Debris Discovered in Australian Beach Does Not Belong to MH370, What is It?

Despite investigation carried out for more than six years, the disappearance of Malayasian airplane MH370 still remains a mystery

Debris of an airplane was recently discovered from an Australian beach, and it made many people speculate that this wreckage could be the remains of MH370, the Malaysian Airlines aircraft that mysteriously disappeared on March 28, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.

Details of the Wreckage

It was local resident Mick Elcoate who initially discovered the debris on a beach near Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland. At the first glance, Elcoate thought that the debris could be a boat's rudder. But he was surprised to see a wing-like structure, and it made him believe that the debris could be of an airplane.

Debris discovered on Australian beach Facebook: Mick Elcoate

Elcoate later shared the photos of the debris on his Facebook page, and several people started claiming that the wing might belong to the Malaysian airplane. Elcoate's post garnered global attention, and the news was widely covered by several international media outlets.

Expert Dismisses Speculation

However, aviation researcher Mick Gilbert revealed that the debris does not belong to MH370. According to Gilbert, the debris discovered does not have enough wear, and it is not matching the wing color of MH370.

"The part shows nowhere near enough weathering, has relatively sparse barnacle growth, and is almost certainly the wrong color. If it is indeed an aircraft component it is more likely to be a piece of Air Niugini flight 73 that landed short of the runway at Chuuk International airport back in September 2018," Gilbert told the Australian.

A few months back, John Guo, a geologist had claimed to have discovered the missing MH370 in the forests of Cambodia. Guo made this conclusion after spotting a 600 meter stretch of ruined trees using Google Maps. Guo suggested that this crush zone could be the result of a possible plane crash. He also urged Malaysian authorities to search the Cambodian jungle to recover the debris of the airplane.